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Divinity School Refreshed

Oct. 18, 2014—The Divinity School went live with a cleaner, more streamlined homepage mid-October. Blog is powered by their VDS Voices website Upcoming Events is powered by the  University Calendar Highlighting the message from the Dean each month

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Blair School of Music moves from Drupal to Omni and WordPress

Nov. 26, 2012—In September, the Blair School of Music migrated their website from Drupal into OmniUpdate and WordPress. Alongside the migration to a new content management system, we also redesigned the site — streamlining navigation and adding in some  standard Vanderbilt theme elements to the design (a modified brand bar and footer section — which tie in...

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School of Engineering now powered by WordPress and Omni

Oct. 26, 2012—Earlier this fall, the School of Engineering launched their new web presence powered by OmniUpdate and WordPress. As part of the move to OU and WP, we also rolled our a brand new look for their site — with a cleaner, streamlined look, simplified navigation. Their homepage includes easily editable content blocks for featured stories...

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Peabody launches new site powered by Omni

Sep. 18, 2012—Earlier this year, we began working with Peabody on migrating their large web presence into OmniUpdate. They were with another vendor, and had been unhappy with the features and ease of use for quite a while. Omni was a perfect solution for them — providing easy to use content management tools and built-in workflow allowing...

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How do you say…new website? A new look for the English Language Center

Feb. 28, 2012—Vanderbilt’s English Language Center (ELC) plays a critical role in helping international students become successful in their academic careers and beyond. We were happy to help when they contacted us to help them move their site from Drupal to Omni. We enjoyed working to redesign the center’s website to give international students and scholars the...

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Signed, sealed, delivered: Vanderbilt Mail Services makes the move to Omni

Feb. 23, 2012—Vanderbilt University Mail Services now has a brand new look thanks to a new Omni site that officially launched on Feb. 14. The site, which was previously maintained in Dreamweaver, offers a wide variety of resources and information for students, faculty and staff looking to quickly send or receive mail and packages. Snail mail is...

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Feb. 1, 2011—Having trouble keeping up with all that’s going on at Vanderbilt? Heard of Twitter and Flickr but not sure what they are? Knee deep in social media but looking for a way to pull it all together? A new website,, helps meet all of these needs by aggregating Vanderbilt’s main social media accounts on Facebook,...

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International Services and International Tax launches expanded website

Nov. 5, 2010—The VISIT office launched their new website on November 4. More than just a redesign, this website features expanded information about all o the services that VISIT offers to the international community. Their goal was to provide as much information as possible online – not only to help users be more informed, but to also...

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University Calendar redesigned

May. 18, 2010—The University Calendar is all up-to-date (get it?) with a look that matches the just-launched homepage. We changed the homepage to show all of today’s events (previously, it just showed highlighted events, with an option to view all – confusing). We didn’t change the functionality or the back end of the Calendar – the data...

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@Vandy – Student Organization Calendar Hub

Nov. 10, 2009—We developed this calendar hub for the Vanderbilt Student Government using a Google spreadsheet as the backend. We’ve got an xsl stylesheet in place to transform the google spreadsheet data into a usable format. The students can enter all required information into the spreadsheet – and the @Vandy page parses the spreadsheet data out and...

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