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Signed, sealed, delivered: Vanderbilt Mail Services makes the move to Omni

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Vanderbilt University Mail Services now has a brand new look thanks to a new Omni site that officially launched on Feb. 14.

The site, which was previously maintained in Dreamweaver, offers a wide variety of resources and information for students, faculty and staff looking to quickly send or receive mail and packages. Snail mail is still alive and thriving on college campuses, whether delivering a care package to a first (or fourth) year student, or processing the mailing of acceptance letters across the country. The updated look of the site now allows students, faculty and staff to access any information they might need quickly and easily. We also added a University Calendar feed to the site to display any relevant calendar dates or events right on the front page.

We’d like to thank Tina Fletcher in Mail Services for working with us throughout this project.

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