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Click here to find out why you shouldn’t use “click here” on your website

Posted by on Monday, July 17, 2017 in Info.

We’ve all seen it…

To sign up, click here.

To watch a video on this topic, click here.

Read more about this topic here.

But just because “click here” is ubiquitous on the web, doesn’t mean it’s best way to help your readers navigate your website. Here are a few reasons to avoid it:

  1. SEO: Google ranks your page based in part on how relevant your content is to its topic. It’s better to have a page of descriptive text than a page of click heres (“Read more about how widgets changed the world” instead of “Click here to read about widgets”)
  2. Accessibility: the word “click” literally does not compute with screen readers and other assistive technologies; your visitors who use these devices need a clear understanding of where that link goes
  3. Action items FTW:¬†You want your website visitors¬†to read more, or watch a video, or follow you on Twitter, etc. You don’t want them to “click” (or “tap” on mobile). Find a way to rewrite your call to action: Sign up now! See how widgets are created! Follow us on Twitter @VanderbiltU!
  4. Mystery navigation: Especially when you use multiples (“Click here, here and here to read more”), your user doesn’t know what they are clicking on before they click on it
  5. Respect your audience: It’s been a couple of decades; people know that the blue underlined words are links to another site. No need to spell it out for them!


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