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Style Update – Fall 2019

Posted by on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 in Info.

The Division of Communications implemented a web typography refresh for all websites using the Vanderbilt theme on Wednesday, September 25. This refresh is based on feedback from the Vanderbilt community and reflects the trend toward larger, simpler fonts in digital spaces.

The primary changes are:

  • Font sizes and line heights increased for all text
  • Source Sans Pro used for all headers, in line with Vanderbilt brand standards
  • Header styles (h1, h2, h3, etc.) refreshed
  • Light gray background on all sites replaced with white
  • Default width of the content area of pages increased approximately 20 percent

All sites using the Vanderbilt theme have been updated to the new styles. Please see the Division of Communications brand style guide for websites for more information on the importance of consistency across all Vanderbilt sites.

If you do not see the changes, or the changes look wrong on your page, first try holding down shift and clicking refresh on your page (which will clear the cache of your browser). If that does not work, open a Help Desk request so we can assist you.

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