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Style Update – Fall 2019

Sep. 25, 2019—The Division of Communications implemented a web typography refresh for all websites using the Vanderbilt theme on Wednesday, September 25. This refresh is based on feedback from the Vanderbilt community and reflects the trend toward larger, simpler fonts in digital spaces. The primary changes are: Font sizes and line heights increased for all text Source...

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Master of Liberal Arts & Science moves to Omni

Dec. 12, 2014—The Master of Liberal Arts & Science (MLAS) is a graduate program for Nashville’s adult learners. We moved their site out of Dreamweaver and into OmniUpdate, making it easier for them to update their content. Moving this site, and all the sites we work with, into a content management system such as Omni also brings...

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OAK website collaboration

Jun. 24, 2010—OAK – Online Access to Knowledge – is using our templates and lookin’ good doing it. We helped Cindy Franco (from the Library)  with information architecture and usability, and also helped integrate the Vanderbilt design elements with the Blackboard system.

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YouTube Channel Branding Begins

Jun. 16, 2010—In an effort to try to brand the various YouTube channels that are in existence across the Vanderbilt community – today we updated the look of the main Vanderbilt YouTube channel and the Athletics channel. The Medical Center is finalizing their banner and will be updating their channel soon. With these three, we have the...

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Simple Template Files Released

May. 19, 2010—These template files are STATIC html pages. The easiest way to get them is to right click on the pages and view source, and save that as an html file on your machine. You can customize it however you want. Simple second level page template Full featured second level page template (with image slider, flickr...

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Vanderbilt Brand Bar

May. 18, 2010—The Vanderbilt Brand Bar gives departments a quick and easy way to incorporate the Vanderbilt look into their site. With just one simple line of code, you can update your site to include the Vanderbilt wordmark – used correctly (no need to worry if you’re meeting the Graphics Standards Guidelines) – and the required link...

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