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Vanderbilt Brand Bar

Posted by on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 in Launch.

The Vanderbilt Brand Bar gives departments a quick and easy way to incorporate the Vanderbilt look into their site. With just one simple line of code, you can update your site to include the Vanderbilt wordmark – used correctly (no need to worry if you’re meeting the Graphics Standards Guidelines) – and the required link to the Vanderbilt homepage; and an unobtrusive way to navigate the main VU site. Just click NavigateVU and the bar slides down to reveal the main navigation; click it again and it disappears. Click Tools and give your visitors access to all the major tools and logins (email, YES, OAK, etc.), and click Search and our search engine appears.

Did we mention – just one line of code!

Incorporating the brand bar into your website

There are currently two versions of the brand bar available – based on your current inclusion of the jQuery library:

vubrandbar.js – if you are ALREADY including the jQuery library

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>

vubrandbarfull.js – if you are NOT including jQuery

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>

Once you’ve determined which version of the brand bar to use – simply place the appropriate javascript code IMMEDIATELY BELOW the body tag (or below your “skip to content” tag if you’re using one). That’s it.

Please let us know if you incorporate the brand bar into your site Рor if you have any questions about implementation.

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