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About Us

Digital Strategies sets the overall web presence and strategy for the University. We are part of Communications and Marketing and oversee the majority of Vanderbilt web presences on

We are responsible for:

  • Web Development: We serve as a resource, strategic planner and consultant for Web development in the university community. We build websites and web applications; perform research and analysis of all our web traffic data; and constantly explore new and changing Web-related technologies.
  • Web Content Management: We provide maintenance and development of the 1st and 2nd tiers of, as well as provide recommendations on lower-level sites – including serving as the design and technical resource for University-supported Content Management Systems.
  • Web Look and Feel: We oversee and provide guidance for all departments and individuals with websites, promoting an appropriate and coordinated university presence on the Internet.  We maintain and disseminate university Web standards.
  • Communication and Outreach: We provide training outreach opportunities and implement communication strategies, for our two university-supported content management systems, within the university community in an ongoing effort to maintain a leading presence on the Internet.