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YouTube tips and tricks

Sep. 12, 2014—When having your videos uploaded to the university’s YouTube channel, it’s important to include descriptive titles, good tags and a helpful description. Remember, these will not only help your videos be found on YouTube, but everywhere else too: YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. So write with search engine optimization in mind: Title Keep...

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OmniUpdate Dependency Manager now enabled for binary files

May. 9, 2013—Now that we’ve enabled the Dependency Manager for binary files, images and documents will be uploaded to the staging server instead of going straight to production. The restore feature will now work for images and documents and additionally, it will keep track of file names, their locations, and revisions. Binary files: Non-text based files such...

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Using Picnik as a handy (free!) photo editor

Aug. 30, 2010—We have a lot of clients who need to be able to edit images for their websites – picnik to the rescue! ¬†For those of you out there who don’t have Photoshop — picnik will allow you to quickly and easily crop, resize, remove red eye, alter exposure, and more … all for free and...

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