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OmniUpdate Dependency Manager now enabled for binary files

Posted by on Thursday, May 9, 2013 in Info.

Now that we’ve enabled the Dependency Manager for binary files, images and documents will be uploaded to the staging server instead of going straight to production. The restore feature will now work for images and documents and additionally, it will keep track of file names, their locations, and revisions.

  • Binary files: Non-text based files such as images, Word Documents, Excel documents, PDFs.
  • Dependency Manager: Manager that keeps track of file names, locations, and revisions. If a PDF which is referenced on 100 pages is now renamed, the OmniUpdate Dependency Manager will automatically fix the links to the pdf on those 100 pages and prompt you to republish the affected pages.

When you upload binary files, they will now show up in the Staging Server. These files will not be viewable to the public until you publish them to the production server.

To publish them you may click the lightbulb to check it out and then click the publish symbol,

or, when you publish a page that contains a link to an unpublished binary file, you may simply check Include unpublished dependencies checkbox. This will automatically publish the page along with any associated images and/or documents.

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