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Disciplines and Majors database and site launched

May. 17, 2010—A frequent request of prospective students and many across the campus was to have a centralized source of all disciplines and majors available for students at Vanderbilt. Rather than start from scratch, we approached the Vanderbilt Institutional Research Group (VIRG) to see if we could collaborate with them on creating such a tool. VIRG already...

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Reunion website launched

Mar. 21, 2010—We assisted DAR Communications in the redesign and development of the Reunion website. The site is a combo of wordpress pages and custom php/mysql scripts. Most of the site content and class pages are in wordpress. The VandyGrams (e-postcards alums can send to each other with classic images from their time at Vanderbilt) and the...

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A to Z launched with tagging, open submission

Dec. 15, 2009—We changed the Site Index from a very, very, very long list of alphabetical links to more use-friendly way to find all the Vanderbilt sites. They’re still there in alphabetical order (hence, A-Z), but broken down by letter for quicker browsing. More significantly, they’re now also broken down by category. We can now tag a...

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