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Omni website servers being updated January 13-17

Lacy Paschal

(An email to all Omni users was sent out Tuesday, January 10 — with a notification about this update.)

We will be performing a web server infrastructure update next week for ALL OmniUpdate websites.

alert-icon-red-11In order to facilitate updating these servers, which house several hundred websites and includes over 600 users, we are implementing a content freeze and will restrict access to all OmniUpdate editing functionality.

  • Content freeze begins FRIDAY, JANUARY 13 at 3:00 p.m.
  • Update will be completed, with access restored by WEDNESDAY morning, January 18.

This freeze period allows us to update the underlying infrastructure for all of these sites and removes the possibility that any changes might be made to content on those sites that would get overwritten as part of the update process.

All website editors need to take note. During the content freeze (which includes Monday, January 16 and Tuesday, January 17) — you will not have access to OmniUpdate to make changes to your website.

If you have any problems following the update (after access has been restored on January 18), open a help ticket with Web Communications


If you have any questions about the content freeze, or if something urgent occurs DURING the content freeze that would require an update to your website, please contact Web Communications for assistance via the Web Communications Help Desk.

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