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Posted by on Monday, November 2, 2015 in Info.

We’re excited to share with you some changes that are occurring within Web Communications. We have all seen our group come together into a team over the past two years (since the web merger); the knowledge sharing and synergies of having all of the web-focused staff together have been made evident time and again. We know now, more than ever,  that managing everything that is web at Vanderbilt is most definitely a team effort!  So many different skillsets are needed in order to keep things moving, and to be sure we are always striving to push things to the next level.

In support of those goals, we have now formalized a team, reporting to Beth Fox, that will take a more defined lead with content strategy (including social media) and project management.

Three staff members have been made a part of this team – Chris Craig, Jenny Mandeville and Anna Whinnery.  Their day-to-day responsibilities will not be changing – their roles are simply more defined now and they now will report to Beth.

A bare-bones breakdown of how the two Web Communications teams will work is below:

Web Communications – Development Team

  • Work hand-in-hand with UWC Content Strategy and Project Management team
  • Provide training and support for UWC clients
  • Establish and execute strategy for overall design and function of Vanderbilt University Web presence
  • Serve as primary technical resource on all UWC projects
  • Coordinate with media, editorial and video teams
  • Serve as go-to resource for strategy, development and maintenance for school and administrative clients
  • Serve as liaison with VUIT and Vendors

Web Communications – Content Strategy & Project Management Team

  • Work hand-in-hand with UWC Development Team
  • Provide training and support for UWC clients
  • Develop and execute content strategy for top level pages and top level social media
  • Develop and execute paid and organic campaigns
  • Serve as initial point of contact for new projects and project manager for many UWC projects
  • Coordinate closely with media relations, editorial and video teams to promote and execute multimedia story-telling
  • Serve as analytics experts for ongoing/special event needs and related strategic advice.

Organizational Chart:





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