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OmniUpdate being upgraded to Version 10

Lacy Paschal

Hello Omni users!

All of our Vanderbilt OmniUpdate accounts are being updated to Version 10 in the coming weeks. What does this mean for you? The backend tool/interface that you use to update your website will have a different look (editing pages) — but your public-facing website will not change at all.

Please note that on the day that your account is scheduled to be updated — you will not have access to OmniUpdate to make changes to your website. So please plan to make any changes the day before — or hold them until the day after.

All Omni users received an email on Friday, July 25, notifying them of the dates their sites would be upgraded. Here are the dates ACCOUNTS are being updated (Please note: your website is managed within one of these accounts.  If you did not receive an email letting you know when  your site will be upgraded, please open a ticket and we can let you know which account you are a part of.)


  • September 11 – Human Resources, Arts and Science, Health and Wellness, and Peabody
  • September 15 — Admissions, Engineering, Finance, Nursing, VUIT, DAR, Blair
  • October 6 — General, Law, Library, Sandbox

Watch an overview of the changes between V9 and V10 >>

If you have any problems following the update:

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