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We need a website TODAY: The beauty of

Posted by on Thursday, January 17, 2013 in Info, Launch.

“I know you guys are really busy, but – I need a website right away. Like, TODAY.”

They’re the words that every project manager dreads, and hears about once a week.

We understand: Work piles up, deadlines sneak up on you, you plan an entire publication around a website and then forget to ask someone to create said website. It happens.

With Web Communications‘ very small team (three) and very long open project list (88) and ongoing support of complete sites (350+), chances are someone, somewhere is ahead of you in the queue.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t help you!





Re-introducing*: – “providing a platform and tools for Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students to build and maintain their own Web presences” – aka, a do-it-yourself website. That you can start on immediately. And have completed TODAY.

The my.v.e – as the cool kids call it – runs on WordPress and is extremely easy to use. If you can use Word or Outlook, you can use WordPress. We also provide monthly training classes just in case.

Aside from procrastinators, who/what else uses my.v.e?

Get started now. Questions? Answers. Additional help at the Help Desk and Training.

Now get going! You’re way behind schedule. :)

*We launched my.v.e about a year ago, but it’s always new to someone.

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