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FutureVU: Digital

Vanderbilt University’s web presence provides the first impression of our dynamic university to the vast majority of our audiences. The university’s public-facing websites, last redesigned in 2015, have grown organically since the university first went online 20 years ago. Viewed over 38.6 million times over the course of a year, our web presence must strategically and effectively convey the mission, vision and values of this remarkable place in a compelling and immediate way to every visitor at all times on any device.

This year the university is undertaking a comprehensive re-imagining of the entire Vanderbilt web presence, known as FutureVU: Digital, which harnesses the latest strategies and solutions in digital communications, while also creating a secure intranet to deliver content for current Vanderbilt students, faculty and staff. The overarching goal of the project is to create a user experience that allows visitors to navigate the entire Vanderbilt website with ease as all sites, from the main Vanderbilt homepage, to individual program pages, to individual college and school sites will deploy similar graphics, text, photography treatment, navigation and more to create a seamless user experience.