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Appendix F: YouTube

YouTube is a popular way to reach large audiences with your videos. Vanderbilt has three official channels: for the University, Health and Athletics.

Schools, departments, student groups, etc. should use the official Vanderbilt University YouTube channel.

Do not set up your own channel.

The benefit to the schools is accessing a much larger audience than they would on their own channel, and the benefit to the viewer is they are then linked to all of the content VU has to offer on YouTube.

Within the University channel, there are nearly 100 playlists. These can be embedded into your website or used as you see fit. These take the place of having your own channel.

For information about VUMC’s YouTube presence, please see their Social Media Toolkit.

Getting your videos on the University YouTube channel:

  1. If you or your office do not already have a directory on the streaming server, go to the VUIT Media Services page, scroll down to Storage Request Form, and fill it out. Alternatively, if you only have a few small videos to upload, you can vshare them to
  2. Once your account on the streaming server has been established and your video is ready to be shared, fill out this form. That sends your information to University Web Communications. Someone from our team will be in touch after your video has been uploaded.
  3. Do not submit any videos to Web Communications for YouTube that contain copyrighted material. You must be able to show that you have permission to use all video clips, music, etc. that are featured in your video.
  4. Read our “YouTube: Tips and Tricks” to learn how to improve the searchability of your videos, using better titles, descriptions, tags and more.