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1994: Vanderbilt’s first homepage was a prototype and was never linked to the World Wide Web.


Academic Computing and Information Services

(Last Modified: 15 August 1994)

Welcome to the Vanderbilt University World Wide Web server,a gateway to information services provided by and for the Vanderbilt community.Please read the current status of this server, to learn how to add yourown information or to add a link to another pertinent information service.

Table of Contents for this Home Page

Academic WWW Servers

Blair School of Music
Blair has a WWW home page for its course in Computer Music (MUSC 216).
School of Engineering
The School of Engineering offers access to the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory home page, the Electronics
Laboratory of the Future
home page. The School houses an anonymous ftp server.
Owen Graduate School of Management
OGSM currently houses a W3 server dedicated to Computer-Mediated Marketing Environments (CMEs).
School of Medicine
The School of Medicine houses various W3 servers. You can access the Medical Center Library and the Virgil Project servers.

Other W3 Servers at Vanderbilt

Television News Archive
An electronic version of the publication Television News Index and Abstracts, which allows people to identify television newscasts. Copies from the Archive’s collection are loaned to individuals throughout the world for reference, study, classroom instruction, and research.
Virtual School
A project of Vanderbilt University that enables K-12 educators to communicate electronically with each other in order to share resources, ideas, techniques, and other aspects of their work.
Computational Science
This section offers access to the Computational Science Educational Project. For questions regarding this project, contact the editor, Verena Umar, at
Local Art Galleries On-Line
This section offers access to the on-line exhibitions of Vanderbilt artists. You can link to an exhbition of Computational
, by VUCC Research Artist Brian Evans.

Other Information Services at Vanderbilt

By selecting this section you will gain access to the TELNET gateway to ACORN, Vanderbilt libraries’ online catalog. (Description of Acorn.) If you see the prompt USERNAME: type ACORN and press the RETURN key.
This link takes you to the VUinfo server. (Description of VUinfo.)
Select any of these links to access USENET newsgroups relevant to the Vanderbilt University community, or
the World Wide Web (hypertext and http). Here’s a direct link to vu.general.
VU Ph Directory
From this link you can access the Vanderbilt Univerisity on-line directory.
VUCC anonymous ftp
From this link you can access the Computer Center’s anonymous ftp server.

Handbook for Computing at Vanderbilt

This is the on-line version of the Computing at Vanderbilt handbook, published annually by the Vanderbilt University Forum on Distributed Computing. The current on-line issue is from the ’93-’94 school year. Look for the latest edition (’94-’95)in the near future.

Computer Center Services

The Vanderbilt University Computer Center (VUCC) provides a variety of computer and technology related services to the campus.


Computer Labs and Electronic Classrooms

Computer Labs on Campus
The Electronic Classroom (Wilson Hall 120)
This link takes you to the Electronic Classroom Home Page.

The Computer Store

This link will take you to Computer Store’s gopher server. Current hardware and software prices, and vendor information can be found here. General information about the Computer Store.

The World Wide Web and the Internet

The World Wide Web Initiative
What’s new with NCSA Mosaic and the World Wide Web
The World Wide Web Virtual Library
Internet Resources Meta-Index
The Whole Internet Catalog
The Big Dummy’s Guide to the Internet

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