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Using our HTML5/Flash Video Player

Vanderbilt University website managers can use this application to embed Flash videos into their university websites. After filling out the form below, you will be taken to a second screen where you can preview your video in the player and will receive the code needed to embed the player in your site.

The code generated assumes a ratio of 16:9 of width to height (640/360 is the same as 16/9), also known as widescreen video.  You can make your player larger if you keep the ratio proportional – 1280×720 (aka 720p) or 1920×1080 (aka 1080p).  If your source content is formatted the same as an older TV set in a 4:3 ratio, use 640×480 as your base size instead of 640×360.

Also please note that the source video should have a maximum bitrate of no more than 2 megabits per second (2 mbps) – most video cameras create files with much higher default bitrates which will not stream well and will need to be resized.  If you don’t know your bitrate, need to have your file(s) resized, or have any other questions about this information, please contact VUIT Streaming Media Services via email for assistance:


  1. Create a directory in your streaming server directory* called “streams”. Within “streams”, create another directory called “_definst_”. Place the videos that you wish to stream in your _definst_ directory.
  2. Capture a screenshot of your video and save it to your space on the Web server. This image will appear in your video player before the video begins to play.
  3. To embed a video in your Web site, please fill out the forms below.
Streaming Server Main Directory Name
(example: public_affairs)
(example: splash.flv or splash.mp4)
Screenshot URL
(Please leave off the “http://” or “https://” from your screenshot URL. For example:

This application is for non-commmercial use only. (cc) some rights reserved.

To inquire about commercial use of Vanderbilt videos, call (615) 322-2706.

*To upload your videos to Vanderbilt’s streaming server, please contact VUIT.

Questions? Contact us at