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OmniUpdate FAQ

What is Omni Update?

OmniUpdate is one of the website content management tools used at Vanderbilt. With Omni, editing is done with a Web browser – meaning you can update your site anywhere, anytime (well, as long as you have an Internet connection). Omni is very easy to use; website maintainers don’t need to know HTML, and they don’t need any special software. More about OmniUpdate.

Can more than one person from my group update our site in Omni?

Yes. Currently, OmniUpdate has a limited number of users which are determined on a per account basis. We are currently working on tying OmniUpdate to VUnet IDs which would allow for unlimited accounts.

Can the people in my group have different permission levels?

Yes. There are several separate user permission levels. The main roles are reviewer, contributor, editor and designer. We can set it up so that one person can edit the site but another person must approve it before it’s published.

I have a specific design in mind – can it be turned into an Omni site?

Our office will work with you to ensure your site’s design is in keeping with the Vanderbilt look and brand. Please browse through our portfolio to see designs we’ve done that match the Vanderbilt look.

Do you have examples of different designs you’ve done in Omni?

You can also browse through our portfolio.

Can we have a photo slideshow?

Yes. You may embed a Flickr slideshow, or use the OmniUpdate slideshow.

Do we have to have a slideshow?

No. You may turn off the slideshow in the page properties.

We have our own Flickr account, can we use those images?

Yes. In the properties section of each page you may enter in your Flickr set information to pull those into the page or the footer. You may also embed Flickr slideshows.

Can we have links to our social media sites?


Can I have a calendar of events on my site?

Yes. You can submit your events to the University Calendar using specific tags, which will then show up on the University Calendar and also feed into your site. Our office will work with you and the University Calendar office to create these tags and set up your event feed.

Can I have news stories?

Yes. Omni can create RSS feeds manually, and pull news story feeds into the main text section of your site or the right sidebar. In some cases, we may recommend WordPress if the primary focus of your site is news based.

Can I have videos in my Omni site? What about audio?

Yes. Videos may be embedded from YouTube or using our video player. Audio may be uploaded and linked to as well. (We recommend that all videos go through the official Vanderbilt YouTube channel. Learn more about this in our Social Media Handbook.)

Can my site have forms?

Yes. We recommend using Sitemason to create your forms.

Will I be able to upload pdfs and Word docs to my Omni site?


Can I make part of my site password protected?

Our office will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.

Can I easily change the navigation of my site?

Yes. Step-by-step tutorial on changing navigation.

Can I still use my old URL?

Yes. We will work with ITS to set up redirects from your old site to your new one.

How do I get a login for my Omni site?

You’ll be given login information as your site is being created.

Do you offer training?

We have monthly Omni training – see our schedule and register for our next class.

How do I get started?

If you’d like to start a new project with us, please use our project request form.