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How to Overwrite a File in Omni

When you upload a file, sometimes you need to replace the existing file with a new version with exactly the same name.

Overwrite a file

  • upload as normal (see the upload tutorial)
  • Clicking on the Content button at the top to get to the Server view
  • Navigate to your destination folder and click on Upload.

In the dialog box that appears

  • click on Overwrite Existing and Start Upload

Error message

If you don’t click Overwrite Existing and try to upload a file with the same name as one already uploaded to that directory, then you will receive an error message.

The fix

  • Click on Overwrite Existing.
  • Drag and drop the file into the window again.
    (or click the +Add Files button and select that way)
  • Click Start Upload

Renaming the file

If you received the “file already exists” error message, another way to fix it is to just rename your file to something else.

  • Click the Rename button (located on the file row)
  • Change the file name
    (Files names can’t contain spaces or special characters.) 

    • Keep the file extension (.DOC, .PDF, .JPG, etc.) when you rename the file. If you rename the file and omit or change the file extension, the file will not work.
  • click OK
  • Click Start Upload