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Editing Images

In Omni 10 a powerful little image editor is included. You can resize, crop, rotate, and zoom your images.

Note: when saving from the Image Editor, you must include the file extension in your file names.
(format: file + extension (e.g., “filename.JPG”, not just “filename”))  The file extension lets Omni know the type of file you are saving.

Edit Photos

To edit your photos, log in and go to the directory where you picture is located. Hover over the file to see the edit button and click edit.

You can also select “upload and edit image” when uploading pictures. See the uploading tutorial to learn how to upload files to your site.

Resize Picture – The Resize tab has fields to adjust the resolution of your picture. Keeping the preserve ratio button checked will ensure that your image is scaled equally. Click resize when done.


Crop – To crop your picture click on the crop button. You can select 1:1, 4:3, 3:4, and 16:9. Click apply crop to complete the crop.

Rotate – Rotate your picture 90 degrees by clicking on the Rotate button.

Zoom – The zoom is another tool that allows you to increase or decrease the image size.

Undo – You can undo changes to your image by pressing the undo button.

Saving the file

Once you are done making changes, click save as.

4) You are presented with a dialog box and given the option to name this version of the file.

a) Selecting show files will display the files in that directory. After you type your file name with the file extension, click save.

b) If you want to overwrite the original file, type in the original file name including the file extension.

c) When saving, you must include the file extension in your file names. (format: filename + extension (e.g., “penguins2.JPG”, not “penguins2”))
The file extension lets Omni know the file type.