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Edit Slideshow

Edit a slideshow in Omni 10

These steps will show you how to add a rotating slideshow and add images.

Adding the Slideshow

1) Start by logging into Omni and clicking on the copyright symbol

2) Check out the page by clicking on the lightbulb icon. You can get to this by either clicking on the folder icon or by clicking on the Content button at the top.

(when you check out a file, the lightbulb icon will turn yellow)

3) Next, click on the filename to select it and click on Properties at the top.

4a) On the Properties page, select which slider you want to use in the Add Slideshow setting. The slider is only available on 2 or 3 column pages. You’ll need to try the various settings to see which one you’d like to use. Note that each slider requires a different resolution.

4b) The table below lists the image resolutions and recommended page layouts per option.

Width Height Layout
Yes 650 300 2 column
Mini Slider 460 300 3 column
Wide 950 300 2 or 3 column


Adding photos to the Slideshow

1) Once you’ve selected your format you are going to save and edit.

2) Click on the green edit button on slideshow region. (You won’t be able to see your slider images until you click the green Edit for the slider.)

3) Click to the right of the image you want your new image to be placed and click on the Add insert/add image button.

4a) Navigate to the folder where your image is located. Select it and click insert.

(Note: It can take up to 10 seconds for the folder contents to display in the left pane. Please be patient, the images will eventually show up.)

4b) If you’d like to learn how to upload images, see our upload tutorial.

5) Once you select an image, enter a description and title. Then click update.

6) Publish your changes. Once your page has finished publishing, click view in new window at the progress prompt at the bottom of the screen.

7) Your new slide should now display on your published page.