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Edit Breadcrumb

Screencast Tutorial

Step by Step Tutorial

In web design, breadcrumb navigation shows you where you are within the site’s hierarchy. For Vanderbilt’s Omni sites, the breadcrumb navigation is at the top of each web page. The breadcrumb navigation defines both the current page and the primary pages above the current page.

Below is a screenshot of the breadcrumb navigation from Vanderbilt’s Omni Training site – the breadcrumb navigation is outlined in red.

Whenever you create a new directory (folder) in Omni, you need to edit the breadcrumb navigation. By default, Omni gives the breadcrumb navigation the same text as you named your folder. So, if you named your folder “reading-materials”, the Breadcrumb navigation would display as “reading-materials”. It would be more readable to have the navigation displayed as “Reading Materials”.

This tutorial will show you how to edit the breadcrumb navigation to make your titles more readable and  usable.

1. Navigate to any page of your Omni site. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the copyright symbol. Log in with your Omni user name and password (unless you’re already logged in).

2. Click on the link for Pages, in the gray bar at the top.

3. Then scroll down until you get to the folder that has the breadcrumb navigation file that you want to edit. Click on the link for that folder.

4. Within that folder, you’ll see a file named breadcrumb.xml. Click on the light bulb icon to check out the file, and then click the file name link.

5. You’ll see source code for the breadcrumb file. To edit the title we need to go into Properties.

Change the breadcrumb name by editing the Title field.

6. Then click Save.

7. Review your changes. If you’re ready for the new breadcrumb to go to the live website, click Publish.

8. To see your changes, navigate to a page in that directory.
(You won’t be able to see your changes while still in the breadcrumb.xml file.)
Once you visit a page in that directory, you should see your new breadcrumb displayed.