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Omni now features a new WYSIWYG editor called JustEdit. The new WYSIWYG is similar to the old one except it has updated icons and a smoother editing experience that allows you to edit the page without leaving the preview.

Below we have a summary of the new interface updates in JustEdit. Please visit the OU blog for a full list a features and an overview of changes in the new editor. A video demo of the editor in action is posted at the bottom of this page.

JustEdit Full Bar

Expanded views of each interface row are below.

JustEdit – Row 1 pt1

1. Save
2. Exit Without Saving
3. Restore Last Draft
4. Cut
5. Copy
6. Paste
7. Paste as Plain Text
8. Find and Replace
9 a. Undo
9 b. Redo
10. Spellcheck
11. Clear Formatting
12. Bold
13. Italic
14. Underline
15. Strikethrough

JustEdit – Row 1 pt2

16. Bulleted List
17. Numbered List
18. Decreased Indent
19. Increased Indent
20. Blockquote
21. Superscript
22. Subscript
23. Align Left
24. Align Center
25. Align Right
26. Justify
27. Insert/Edit Link
28. Remove Link
29. Insert/Edit Mailto Link
30. Insert/Edit Anchor

JustEdit – Row 2

31. Styles dropdown menu
32. Text color
33. Background color
34. Insert/Edit Image
35. Insert Horizontal Line
36. Insert Line Break
37. Insert Special Character
38. Edit Source Code
39. Insert Asset
40. Insert Table
41. Maximize Content Region (expands the JustEdit editable region to fill the width of the frame window)

JustEdit in action

(IE users, hover over the image above to see the player controls)