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Chapter 4 – Page Properties

Page Properties are settings that control aspects of a page. Access to some settings are dependent on your role.

These are the four tabs you’ll find within Page Properties:

  • Parameters – These settings control page layout and which features are used on a page.
    (e.g., title, column layout, slideshow, RSS feed, university calendar feed, menus, ect.)
  • Access – Controls who can edit a page.
  • Reminders – These settings allow you to schedule a reminder to update content.
  • Log – Shows a list of who has edited a page.

Page Parameters will be the primary focus of this material because you will adjust these settings the most.

How to Access Page Properties

Log in to an existing page by clicking on the © copyright symbol and then clicking on Properties at the top. To access the Page Parameters the page must be checked out to you (lightbulb icon must be illuminated).

Page Parameters

You can also access Page Parameters by creating a new page. From the server view (click on Content at the top), click on the +New button and select “New Page”. The options window that appears contains the Page Parameters. This has a different look and feed than what you’ll see when you edit an existing page, but these are the Page Parameter settings.

To see a full breakdown of all the Page Parameter settings visit the links below. The “3 Column Pages” link has a full description list showing what each page element does.
(e.g., breadcrumb, attention box, meta tags, ect. )


About this written documentation
These tutorials are meant as a companion guide to the OmniUpdate 101 training tutorials which are available in the Learning Exchange. They have been provided as a reference to remind you where features are located or which steps are needed to perform a task.

To sign up for the Learning Exchange tutorials, log into the Learning Exchange and search for
“OmniUpdate 101”.