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Chapter 10 – Create a Directory (folder)

To create a directory aka a folder, we will need to first log in and then go to the server view.

  • Logging In
    To log in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the © copyright symbol in the footer.
  • Server View
    Click on the Content button at the top to get to the server view.

Creating the directory

  • Navigate to the folder where you want to create your new directory.
  • Click the green +New button
    • Click new directory in the dialog box that appears
    • Enter a name for your directory. Use lowercase letters
    • Click create
    • Click on your folder you just created
    • By default, two files are created when you make a new directory:  _breadcrumb.xml and These files will be used by the web pages you will create for this folder.

Create a Page

  • When you create a new folder you will need to create a new page.
  • Click +New button and select new page. See Chapter 3 for page set up instructions. Chapter 4 goes over Page Properties which will control which features go on a page.

How to delete a folder

  • First, verify there’s nothing in the folder you want to keep
  • Click the checkbox beside the folder name
  • Click delete at the top
  • In the dialog box that appears, type the word delete. This is an extra safety measure so you don’t accidentally delete a folder.
  • Click delete


About this written documentation
These tutorials are meant as a companion guide to the OmniUpdate 101 training tutorials which are available in the Learning Exchange. They have been provided as a reference to remind you where features are located or which steps are needed to perform a task.

To sign up for the Learning Exchange tutorials, log into the Learning Exchange and search for
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