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Watch: Using technology to engage students beyond the classroom walls

Oct. 21, 2011—Watch video of an Oct. 20 presentation “Using technology to engage students beyond the classroom walls” with Corbette Doyle and Stephanie Milne. This session provides a hands-on look at Twitter as a tool to encourage students to think critically about course content — before, during and after class ends. To increase faculty comfort with the...

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Free range content

Apr. 15, 2011—More stories. More platforms. Shrinking media market. Same amount of staff. What’s a content producer to do? Set your content free. Allow it to graze and mingle where it, and its readers, listeners and viewers are. Let it reproduce on any and every site that wants it. House it in a flexible and adaptable barn...

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Feb. 1, 2011—Having trouble keeping up with all that’s going on at Vanderbilt? Heard of Twitter and Flickr but not sure what they are? Knee deep in social media but looking for a way to pull it all together? A new website,, helps meet all of these needs by aggregating Vanderbilt’s main social media accounts on Facebook,...

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Updating VU’s Social Media Directory

Nov. 8, 2010—We’re updating the VU Social Media Directory – please submit your department/office/organizations social media presences. If you are submitting sites for multiple organizations – please submit the form once for each organization you are reporting for.

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Video: Crafting a Professional Digital Identity

Oct. 26, 2010—Presentation for digitalVU month — Social media’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and so on — give us plenty of opportunities to share our thoughts online. However, these platforms can sometimes make it hard to know just how public our comments are, as a Dartmouth religion professor found out recently when some comments she made on...

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YouTube Channel Branding Begins

Jun. 16, 2010—In an effort to try to brand the various YouTube channels that are in existence across the Vanderbilt community – today we updated the look of the main Vanderbilt YouTube channel and the Athletics channel. The Medical Center is finalizing their banner and will be updating their channel soon. With these three, we have the...

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Social media handbook released

Apr. 8, 2010—A new handbook for university faculty and staff wishing to use social media tools such as Facebook or Twitter to promote their program, research or department is now available. The handbook is available online. The handbook, produced by the Office of University Web Communications in the Division of Public Affairs, includes: An overview of how...

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Vanderbilt on Twitter

Jan. 29, 2010—Interested in Twitter, but not sure where to start? Using Twitter, but feeling overwhelmed by the millions of tweets flowing across the site each day? Have no idea what Twitter is, and wondering what the fuss is all about? A new Web site,, aims to help members of the Vanderbilt community meet each of...

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Social Media and Public Relations

Nov. 17, 2009—Social Media and Public Relations View more presentations from melaniemoran.

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Social Media – why it matters and how to use it in your job

Oct. 16, 2008—Listen Now: Presentation from Lacy Tite on Oct. 16:   Social Media: why it matters, how it can enrich your life, and ways it might even help you do your job better. We discussed facebook,, twitter, flickr, google apps, netvibes, etc. – what they are and why they’re worth your time. Facebook is more...

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