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How can I have a slide link to a page NOT on my WordPress website?

Posted by on Thursday, October 30, 2014 in WordPress Tutorial.

Do you want to create a slide on your WordPress website — that links to a page that isn’t on YOUR website? With the way we currently have the slideshow functioning — each slide must correlate to a page/post within your own WordPress site.

However, you can create a page using the “Redirect Page” template.

  1. Create a page (not a post), just like you normally would. But you don’t need any CONTENT in the body section of your new page.
  2. Just assign a featured image, which will be used in the slideshow.
  3. And then, on the RIGHT SIDE of your screen — choose the “REDIRECT PAGE” template in the page template dropdown.
  4. Next – put the URL you’d like the slide to actually go to as a custom field called “redirect”. Custom fields show up BELOW the big content body field.. (see screenshot below)


The slide will be added to your slideshow — and it will send users to the redirected page when they click on it.

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