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Children’s Hospital Expansion Campaign launches in OmniUpdate

Posted by on Saturday, October 18, 2014 in Launch.

Children's Hospital Expansion Screenshot

The Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt launched a $30 million expansion campaign in 2014. This campaign seeks to build and expand on the current Children’s Hospital, offering more beds to children in need around the region. Part of the launch included the creation of a new website, housed within the current Vanderbilt Giving site that would support the campaign exclusively.

The initial sitemap was a joint collaboration between members of Web Communications (Christopher Craig, Jenny Mandeville) and Development and Alumni Relations Communications (DARC). The two teams met to develop initial goals for the site, as well as a sitemap for content. Chris Craig handled most of the page build out, including incorporating a DARC developed logo into a responsive design.

The site ‘s backend is the OmniUpdate CMS. The main elements requested in the creation were something showing campaign progress and a way to share stories about patients directly impacted.  The former was accomplished with the use of the Google Charts API, which powers the “growth chart” seen on the right hand side of every page on the site. The latter was accomplished with the creation of a unique tag in the Vanderbilt News WordPress system, where stories about the campaign could be tagged for inclusion in an RSS feed on the “Impact of Giving” section of the site.

The campaign will continue for several years, and the site will undoubtedly evolve over that time period.

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