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Contact Forms Now Available on

Posted by on Friday, February 24, 2012 in Info, WordPress Tutorial.

If you use you will notice a new section called Contact at the bottom of your menu. This section is a WordPress plugin called Contact Form 7. It will let you create custom forms that you may put in any page or post. After you put the form in the page it can send the form information to any email address you specify (information will not be stored on the server).


The first time you use this plugin you will see this message below highlighted in yellow. Simply click “create the table” and it will take you to a screen letting you edit your first form.

This first section below is what will actually show up as a form. The default form starts off with 3 fields: name, subject, and message. To add new fields click the generate tag drop-down and select the field type you desire. For this example I chose radio buttons. For my choices I put yes, no, and maybe, each on it’s own line. After you’ve filled out then necessary information you will need to copy the brown highlighted code and move it over to the left. I added the title “Will you be attending?” above the shortcode, so the user will know what this field is for.

Next you need to edit the email that will be sent when the form is submitted. The default address is your vanderbilt email associated with your vunetid. If you’ve added any new fields to the form you will need to paste the green highlighted shortcode to this section. If you don’t paste the green highlighted shortcode into this email section, the email you receive after a user fills out a form will be missing information.

Lastly you will need to change the title of the form by clicking “Contact form 1”. Save by clicking the save button. Then you will need to copy the form shortcode highlighted in brown, and simply paste this into the page or post you want the form to show up.


If are using the file upload field make sure you add the shortcode to File attachments field in the Mail section.

Most importantly you will need to test out your form! This will make sure the form is sending to the correct email address and you are receiving any additional information you’ve setup with additional fields.

  • Ally Armstead

    There is an option to upload documents but when I place it in my form and hit send the email Iu00a0receiveu00a0does not contain the document. Is there a way to enable that option?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ally! You are most likely not putting the file shortcode in the Fileu00a0Attachmentsu00a0field in the Mail section. I’ve added a screenshot at the end of this post to help you out.

  • This is an area within the development of websites where I always fall down so this is a major help. I can see this saving time for me but will also be able to teach me a great deal :)