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Omni Links and Dependency Manager

Posted by on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 in Info, Omni Tutorial.

We have enabled Dependency Manager on all OmniUpdate managed websites.  What does this mean for you?

When you insert (or update) a link into a page in omni you will notice something a little different. Links will look like {{f:242}} for a file or page, and {{d:445}} for a directory. These are called dependency tags.

(Please note: only files/pages maintained inside of omni will have this appearance. External links will remain

Since you can’t tell what is being linked to just by looking at this tag, Omni has included the actual path right below the dependency tag (as seen below).

Smarter Updating

The benefits of the dependency manager kick in when you rename or move a file or directory. When this occurs you will get a prompt saying all other pages containing a link to this file or directory will be republished. Click OK and those pages will be updated with the new path.

Previously, if you had renamed a page, and that page was linked to from 35 different pages of your website, you would then need to manually go back and fix each link individually to reflect the new filename or path.

Now when you move or rename a page, omni “knows” that page has been renamed and will automatically update the links to the new path and republish all of those pages in one step.


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