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Vanderbilt Facebook Tabs — Add one today!

Posted by on Monday, January 30, 2012 in Info, Launch.

Are you the administrator of a Vanderbilt-related Facebook page?

We provide the following Facebook tabs for use on any official Vanderbilt page. Add one or more today!


To add these tabs to your page, use the following links:

  1. From the dropdown menu on the page that appears when clicking on the INSTALL links above — should be a list of all the pages you are an administrator for. You can choose as many pages as you want to place the tab on and then click ADD PAGE TAB.
  2. It will then open up a new window displaying the content of the tab you’ve just added. You can close this window.
  3. Now go BACK to the facebook pages that you’ve added the tab to. The new tab should appear in the list of links on the left below your profile photo.
  4. You can click the EDIT button at the bottom of the link list to reorder this list. (Please Note: some of the default facebook links cannot be reordered).

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