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Traffic and Parking parks their new website

Posted by on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 in Launch.

Traffic and Parking approached us about redeveloping their website, and moving it towards a more Vanderbilt branded look while also simplifying some of their daily data processes.

We migrated them into Omni, redeveloped their entire events management system into an easy to use, simplifed php/mysql application. Reports can now be generated with the click of a button instead of manually gathering the data. Gotta love that!

Transit Ticket sales and the popular No Ticket, No Tow request forms and backend management interfaces were also rewritten.  The backend tool we provided allows TP staff to approve requests, send confirmation or denial emails, generate reports, etc.

The Citations, Parking Permit, and Vehicle Management portion of the Traffic and Parking site had been developed by an external vendor – and the functionality worked fine for their needs, so all we needed to do with that was re-template it. The ASP application lives on a secure server over in MIS. We were able to download the application, reformat the files within the app that laid out each page, upload the changes, and just like that the whole application has a fresh new look that matches the main Traffic and Parking site.

Traffic Site prior to Redesign (Click to enlarge)

It was a pleasure to work with Tracy Owens, Lance Hale and Myra Broslat from Traffic Parking with an assist from Robert Leffler in MIS for access to the MIS servers for the externally developed applications.

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